What is SASSEN ?

Amazing Japanese Samurai sword duel is reproduced in modern times by SASSEN

The SASSEN swords are equipped with a built-in pressure sensor that is Bluetooth connected to a tablet which can then provide automated scores.

Next-generation digital entertainment sport

Winning requires fast reflexes similar to a Ninja or Samurai warrior.
The most interesting aspect of this sport is a battle of the mind rather than the body.

The digital sensors provide precise judgements as to who hit first.

Official rule

Scoring is based upon a hit on the opponent anywhere except their head. Each hit is worth 1 point and the first person to score 2 points wins. Also, to enhance the precision of the game, only 5 swings are allowed during the battle, so it is important to make sure not to swing wildly. Once you have used your 5 swings, then you can only use the sword to attempt to block your opponent’s weapon.

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