What is SASSEN ?(English)

Amazing Japanese Samurai sword duel is reproduced in modern times by SASSEN

The SASSEN swords are equipped with a built-in pressure sensor that is Bluetooth connected to a tablet which can then provide automated scores.

Next-generation digital entertainment sport

Winning requires fast reflexes similar to a Ninja or Samurai warrior.
The most interesting aspect of this sport is a battle of the mind rather than the body.

The digital sensors provide precise judgements as to who hit first.

Official rule

The sword is made with the image of a Japanese sword.

Scoring is based upon a hit on the opponent anywhere except their head. Each hit is worth 1 point and the first person to score 2 points wins. Also, to enhance the precision of the game, only 5 swings are allowed during the battle, so it is important to make sure not to swing wildly. Once you have used your 5 swings, then you can only use the sword to attempt to block your opponent’s weapon.

Seeking Overseas Partners!

SASSEN is a sport originating from Japan. We are expanding internationally and looking for individuals to collaborate with us as partners! Please reach out to us via DM on social media or email through our website (http://linktr.ee/sassenjp).

Chairman:Ryuma Motomura


SNS https://linktr.ee/sassenjp